Chapter 618 Don’t Go, Mommy

The teacher replied irritably, “Is there another Jin Beichen?”

Jiang Sese’s heart became alarmed and asked hurriedly, “What's wrong with Xiaobao? Why is he at the hospital?”

The teacher was initially angry that the parents were so irresponsible. However, seeing Jiang Sese wearing such an anxious expression, she did not further criticize her.

“When Jin Beichen was walking down the school stairs this morning, he was accidentally knocked down by another student and fell down the stairs. The teachers brought him to the hospital and examinations revealed that there was a fracture.”

Jiang Sese’s face turned pale from shock.

She bit her lip. Her mind blurred and spaced out.

Seeing that she was silent, the teacher could not help but complain, “The school tried to contact Jin Beichen’s father, but he couldn’t be reached no matter how many times we tried. What kind of parenting is this? Are you his mother?”

“Yes, I’m his Mommy. Which hospital did you say he was at?”

She unwittingly blurt
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