Chapter 621 Daddy Will Grant Your Wish

After speaking, Jiang Sese headed into the room.

Fu Jingyun followed after her.

“Last night…”


The two spoke simultaneously. Fu Jingyun then gestured for Jiang Sese to speak first.

“My behavior last night was unbecoming, I apologize. However, Xiaobao is still an innocent child. I don't want you to speak ill of him.”

A trace of awkwardness appeared on Fu Jingyun's face. He scratched the back of his head and said, “I was also wrong. I shouldn't have attacked a child like that, let alone an injured one.”

Saying this, Fu Jingyun paused, took a step forward, and took Jiang Sese's hand. He continued in a slightly imploring tone, “Sese, I know you want to learn more about your past connections with those two people. However, please look at it from my perspective. I have protected you for three years. I also want to be with my beloved woman. Please give me a chance. Please give us a chance and try to accept me, okay?”

Fu Jingyun knelt on one knee on the ground as he said th
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