Chapter 629 Did You Not Hear What I Said

Afraid of drawing Jin Fengchen’s ire for being late, Zi Feng rushed away to ask where the kitchen was.

Ying Tian ran his hand through his hair and moved to the next slide as he said, “Right now, the data that has been confirmed lost is the 12th segment of our Celestial System. However, our procedures had installed tracking systems and counter tracking systems. Therefore, even if the other side finds out, they'll still leave a trace.”

He paused before continuing, “The day before yesterday, the tracing analysis results came out. We have locked our sights on three companies. The first one is in financial trouble, the second one is in our acquisition plans for the next quarter. This leaves this company called Kalan. The chairman is named Sarcheto Miguelo.”

When he reached this point, Ying Tian pushed up his glasses and said with a smile, “Sarcheto is his alias. His real name is Bo Gelian. He’s an Englishman. The company is in England, and it is a fairly reputable research company. Ro
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Lina Ingle
y only a single chapter per day ..its quiet tiring to wait each day...
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Dear writer plus more chapters storyline very well written but so long winded just hurry up and finish the book to many times Seuss’s and her son injured how much can u keeping going on about accidents
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Megha Goel
Release more chapters please. Only 1 chapter in a day is too less

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