Chapter 63 Remedy

Jin Fengyao put down his phone, his eyes set on his office door. He sighed in reflection. "The things I do for brotherly love."

"If only Big Brother would just acknowledge all the good that I have done for him and just approve the three-month leave that I have yearned for so badly."

Jin Fengyao let loose another sigh. He was at the door about to leave his office when Su Qingyin walked out of her room, looking slightly nervous.

She saw Jin Fengyao outside his office and paced briskly up to him, asking, "What's wrong with your brother lately, Fengyao? He looks to be in a terrible mood. Has something happened at home?"

"Hmm..." Jin Fengyao deflected. "Nothing's wrong. He's just like normal. Don't overthink things."

Jin Fengyao and Su Qingyin went way back, since their childhood days.

Being the sharp person that he was, Jin Fengyao had long known about Su Qingyin's feelings for his big brother.

Alas, his big brother already had a person whom he loved dearly. And as Jin Fengchen's br
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