Chapter 630 You’re In My Light

After Zi Feng left, Jin Fengchen talked to Ying Tian for a lot longer.

Without realizing it, the evening breeze blew in the night sky. When they realized it, a lot of time had passed.

After they hammered out the last batch of tasks, Jin Fengchen spoke, “We’ll leave it here today. Pay more attention to any developments in Italy.”

His beautiful hands curled slightly. Jin Fengchen tapped on the table intermittently.

Ying Tian’s face gleamed with a sense of confidence. He puffed out his chest as he said, “Okay, Boss. Don’t worry, I’ll handle it well.”

After he finished, he looked at Jin Fengchen with a look like he wanted to say something.

“Anything else?” Jin Fengchen arched his eyebrows.

Under his gaze, Ying Tian felt an unbearable stress.

He hesitated for a while before he told Jin Fengchen, “Boss, I’ll be going back to Italy tomorrow. However, I want to leave someone next to you so it will be easier to assign tasks to her.”

Seeing Ying Tian’s shine in his eyes, Jin Fe
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goodnovel comment avatar
Marlene Frazier
and very annoying
goodnovel comment avatar
Why did he even keep her employed with their company !
goodnovel comment avatar
Kuv Tsis K Yaj
when will he find out the truth of what zi feng did to sese.

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