Chapter 634 You Will Only Make Things Worse If You Came

Gu Nian could only watch as he left, unable to catch up.

Jin Fengchen sped to the Fu house in his car.

The main door into the Fu house was locked. He knocked vigorously, “Sese, are you in there?”

After shouting for a while with no answer, Jin Fengchen grew anxious.

He took a look around and his gaze fell on a window on the second floor.

The window was situated next to a wide balcony that was relatively close to the ground.

The window was also quite large and he would be able to access the second floor directly if it was not locked.

If it was locked, he would just break it!

His eyes narrowed. In an instant, Jin Fengchen took action.

A few minutes later, a clear noise startled the mother-daughter duo in the room.

The little girl was so shocked that she stopped sobbing.

The next moment, Jin Fengchen appeared in their sights. His impeccable suit slightly was covered in dust. With one arm behind him, his handsome face was wrought with extreme worry.

Through her blurry vision, J
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