Chapter 636 Piqued Tiantian's Interest

Thinking that she was still very weak, Jin Fengchen suggested, “Can you do it yourself? Or should I ask a servant to come in and help you?”

Jiang Sese quickly shook her head when she heard him say this. “There’s no need.”

Jin Fengchen nodded and did not pursue the matter further.

“I’ll be right outside. You just call if you need anything.”

He handed her the clothes that he had bought, then turned and left.

After closing the bathroom door, Jiang Sese took a quick bath.

Feeling that her body was not sticky anymore, she felt much better

When she opened the bag of clothes, she discovered that Jin Fengchen had even prepared undergarments for her.

Blushing, she put them on and realized that they unexpectedly fit well.

How did Jin Fengchen know her size?

Did this man…

The hot steam had caused her already-blushing face to make her seem even more like a drunk person…

For the next few days, Jiang Sese was treated like a queen.

The meticulous care given by the Jin father-and-son duo
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