Chapter 639 A Princess Through And Through

Gu Nian and all the other executives watched through the screen as a young little girl burrowed into the arms of Jin Fengchen, grabbed his bespoke suit, and blew her nose into it.

They all gasped.

The boss was obsessed with cleanliness. If dust disgusted him, what more was a child’s snot?

They initially thought that Jin Fengchen would be furious, but in the next moment, he just fondly touched the little girl’s head.

Not even acknowledging his soiled clothes, he extracted a napkin and expertly wiped Tiantian’s nose.

However, the little girl was still rubbing against Jin Fengchen’s body. She wrinkled his neatly pressed clothes.

Jin Fengchen did not care and instead asked softly, “What's wrong, my little princess?”

Hearing this, Xiaobao pouted and said, “Tiantian said that she wants a princess braid. I don’t know how to do it and didn’t do a good job, so she is not happy. Daddy, do you know how to braid?”

Jin Fengchen wanted to say that he also did not know.

Gu Nian stared at him
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
i come to the point of giving up this story as it' s dragging on so long and become so boring...looking forward to the chapter where sese realized everything..
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
eventhough i have to pay for the proceeding chapters i don't mind only if they good and favorable to read...just like why not write instances where sese regain her memories slowly. don't tell me my dear you have to let her be wedded to mr fu before he regained memories? your chapters become so borin
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Tabatha Summers
Yes, I agree with Megha Goel, the author is really trying to torture us. I really thought that the author would finally post more chapters so we could be finished, but how wrong I was. I thought our voices would be heard. Also, I don't know what the fuss is we still have to pay so you're still getti

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