Chapter 64 The Achilles' Heel

Lan Sichen got up suddenly and began handing out several copies of a document to everyone. At first glance, it turned out to be a corporate report of a company.

"The Disen Group?!" Jiang Zhen gasped in surprise.

"Yes. I'm sure you heard of them, Father and Uncle! This is an international corporation with aspirations of penetrating international markets. Their subsidiary technology companies are prominent in Europe. I'm sure if we can get them into this project, we will be able to make up for the losses we've incurred before."

"That would be good."

Everyone sitting on the sofas arranged in a circle heaved a sigh of relief. Jiang Nuannuan smiled, pleased with her faith in Lan Sichen that he would surely be able to prevent them all from incurring more damage.

But Lan Sichen remained stony-faced.

"But, there's a catch... This is an arduous battle between competitors to vie for their partnership; the Jin Group among them..."

The ominous tidings made everyone freeze as they contemplat
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