Chapter 642 Aunty Is Not Your Mommy

There were no footsteps behind her. Jin Fengchen did not follow her.

Jiang Sese stumbled to the corner and stopped. She rubbed her chest. Her strength felt drained as she slowly slumped to the floor.

She clutched her still-tingling right hand and curled up against the wall, tears streaking down her face.

‘Let it be like this…’

‘This is better for everybody.’

Jin Fengchen sat in the car, a cigarette burning in his right hand.

A large portion of it was already turned to ash, but he did not move. It was as though he had not noticed.

Excruciating pain was suppressed beneath his deep eyes.

A profound sense of helplessness gripped him.

What did he have to do for Jiang Sese to return to him?

The cold-faced killer of the stock markets at this moment was leaning dejectedly in his seat. His face was wrought with a deep sense of defeat.

Sese… What had she gone through to become who she was now?

She could not remember him. She rejected him. Her entire body was filled with jagg
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Lina Ingle
need to complete ths story..unlock chapters
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
i hope the day for youran to remember her past will come soon...
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
my dear author, i would like to ask you...when are you going to relieve our pain? It's very painful reading this story. You are so cruel!!! it's just so cruel of you to separate this lovely couple for so long.

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