Chapter 643 She Is My Wife

Seeing her turn to leave, Xiaobao expressed his loyalty in a panic.

“I won’t! You’re my Mommy. I don’t want anyone else to be my Mommy.”

Jiang Sese had seemingly changed suddenly. He was very scared. Was Mommy really going to abandon him and daddy?

“Daddy and I cannot let you go, Mommy. Please don’t go.” Tears welled in Xiaobao’s eyes.

Seeing Xiaobao’s eyes red with tears, Jiang Sese’s heart hurt so much that she could die.

She wanted to hug him so badly, but she kept her heart in a vice and said cruelly, “Enough. You should go. Don’t contact me again.”


Xiaobao clinged on the corners of Jiang Sese’s clothes. He was extremely unwilling. This Mommy was completely unknown to him.

Jiang Sese’s eyes reddened, but she reached out firmly and pushed Xiaobao away.

Without another word, she strode off. However, when she turned, tears streamed uncontrollably down her face.

Xiaobao was confused when he was pushed away--by Jiang Sese no less.

He did not know why his p
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Pushpa Wood
On top of that, releasing one chapter at a time is really frustrating. I kind of feel that I have wasted my money without reading the end of the book
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Pushpa Wood
I have given up not only this book but any other book from this app now. They seem to keep streching the storyline so the readers keep spending their money.
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gilliane li
this is so frustrating to read like this. I read a full complete novel in 2 days to come back to this one to see you have uploaded only 1 chapter in the few last days!!! seriously!!!! you know we all want some ending at some point or what's the use of reading a book where there is always bad things

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