Chapter 65 Rapturous Passion

After a short tour of the party venue, Jin Fengchen remarked, "Xiaobao really loves what you did with the place. Good work. And thank you so much. Everything here is very thoughtful of you."

“Yeah, Aunt Sese! I really like what you've done here!"

Xiaobao looked genuinely happy as he tugged on Jiang Sese's hand coyly. "Come with me, Aunt Sese. There's something I want to show you."

The look he gave her was so intriguing that Jiang Sese was interested to find out what it was.

Xiaobao dragged her to a row of robot models lined up in a neat formation, then he took out a remote control and hit a button. One of the robots came to life and began to walk!

"These are real robots, not just some robot model kits!" a startled Jiang Sese realized.

The moving robot walked over to Jiang Sese and arched its back into an unmistakable bow and spoke like a butler, "Is there anything I can help you with, Ma'am?"

"Oh, my God! The robot can speak!" Jiang Sese reeled in shock once she heard the mechan
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