Chapter 653 You Cannot Get Married Yet

The night air was cold as the breeze blew. Standing by the railings along the banks of the Seine, the pale moonlight shone on a cold figure.

The Seine at night was quiet and beautiful.

Meandering, endless street lights illuminated the streets. The air of the night was an emotional one.

Jiang Sese gently smoothed her hair that was blown by the wind. She leaned on the parapet and looked on at the romantic night lights.

Not far away, Jin Fengchen appeared from a coffee shop. He had two cups in his hands and he walked toward her at a deliberate pace.

Jiang Sese took the hot drink from Jin Fengchen’s hand as she leaned her back against the railing. She smiled warmly, “Thank you.”

The night breeze blew at loose hairs over her ear. In the yellow light, her complexion had improved. It was just that her smile did not reach her eyes.

Jin Fengchen walked to her side and leaned next to her.

They took a few sips of coffee, the bitter taste sliding down their throats. He glanced sidew
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Tameka D. Davis
I didn’t think he’d ever show her
goodnovel comment avatar
Finally Jin Fengchen seems to be thinking straight. And if there’s any doubt after the certificate also, they can always get Tiantian’s DNA test done. However, don’t want to see a drama like the DNA test results being changed by some bad people.

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