Chapter 655 That’s Right, I Am Threatening Her

That night, the both of them did not raise the topic again. Even though they lived under the same roof, they each kept their own counsel.

Jiang Sese got up early in the morning. However, she did not sleep. She could not. Her eyes were kept open late into the night.

Fu Jingyun had also been unable to sleep. He had a lot on his mind.

At one moment, he was thinking about how to snatch Jiang Sese. At the next, he was thinking about how to chase Jin Fengchen away. His thoughts were all muddled.

Finally, he still thought of Tiantian. The little girl, until now, refused to change.

Whenever she saw Jin Fengchen, she loved calling him Daddy. No matter how you looked at it, that was not okay.

It was nothing back then. But now, it was just uncomfortable.

He had spent the night like this until daylight.

Fu Jingyun got up and made his bed. He had breakfast with Su Tian before telling her that he had something to do. He then took the car and left.

On the road, he called Jin Fengche
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