Chapter 658 I’m Going Have My Blood Taken

Jin Fengchen held her slender hand tightly in response.

The nurse hurriedly walked toward them from the other end of the hallway and conveyed the good news: the blood type was a match and could be used.

Jiang Sese's eyes lit up instantly. She pulled her hand free and said to Jin Fengchen, “I'm going to have my blood taken. Don't worry, Xiaobao will be fine.”

The expression in her eyes was clear and resolute.

Jin Fengchen found her devotion very attractive. He gripped her shoulders, looked her in the eyes, and replied in a hoarse voice, “Alright.”

Jiang Sese went with the nurse to have her blood taken.

She did not feel any pain when the needle inserted itself into her blood vessel. Rather, she felt relieved.

She was glad that her blood could save that adorable child.

If anything happened to Xiaobao, she would definitely fall apart.

It was strange to find that this feeling was extremely intense, as if Xiaobao was part of her own flesh and blood. It would be unbearable to lose hi
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