Chapter 66 What Does She Have to Compete with Others?

Jiang Sese didn't know what was wrong with her. Every time she calmed down, she hoped to keep her distance from Jin Fengchen. However, her heart skipped a beat the moment she saw him.

Had she truly fallen in love with him?

Jiang Sese was thinking about this for a while before she fell asleep.


The next day, the three of them were sitting at the table for breakfast.

The scenes of last night were still on Jiang Sese's mind. She was a little embarrassed, and she could not help glancing at Jin Fengchen.

However, it seemed that nothing had happened to the man, who was eating his food elegantly.

Jiang Sese could not help cursing herself for being useless. "It's just a kiss. Why am I thinking so much?"

She drank too much last time, as well as this time.

It was the weekend. After dinner, Xiaobao didn't have to go to class. However, Jiang Sese still had some business to attend to at work, so Jin Fengchen gave her a lift.

Along the way, the two made little conversation, and the atmo
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