Chapter 660 Daddy Is Not Allowed To Lie To Me

He stood there awkwardly for a moment, then proceeded to leave.

Each step he took was incredibly hard.

The scene behind him was unsightly, making him feel redundant.

Clearly, Jiang Sese was about to be his wife. If not for Jin Fengchen refusing to divorce her, they would have already held the wedding.

He wanted to take Jiang Sese with him, but felt that it would be too despicable if he did so. Jiang Sese would never forgive him.

After all, a life was at stake.

Jiang Sese's eyes were red. She was really worried about the child.

Fu Jingyun's eyes blinked slightly and suppressed the unwillingness and worry in his eyes.

He stayed outside for a while before returning to the ward, waiting for his mood to calm down.

After adjusting his emotions, he did not reveal anything in front of Madam Fu. However, deep down, his heart was in turmoil.

Five hours later, the door to the surgery room opened.

The nurses wheeled out a pale Xiaobao, his eyes tightly closed.

The little figure lyin
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