Chapter 663 She Is Xiaobao’s Biological Mother

Truthfully, Fu Jingyun had no intention of blaming her. He could understand Jiang Sese’s love for children.

It was human nature for her to put all her effort on Xiaobao.

“It’s fine. I don’t really mind, as long as you go visit Mom every now and then.”

Jiang Sese said gratefully, “Okay, thank you.”

After that, she went to get some water for Xiaobao.

At that moment, the Jin family arrived at the hospital.

Even though the child in the sick bed was not in danger, his body was still very weak.

The pristine white sheets matched Xiaobao’s pale face. He looked so weak, it made their hearts ache.

Outside the ward, the nurse who was responsible for changing Xiaobao’s medication arrived as well. She spoke politely.


Looking at the various medications in the nurse’s tray, Jin Fengchen raised his eyebrows and asked, “You’re here to change Xiaobao’s medication?”

“Yes, sir.” The nurse replied honestly.

Jin Fengchen used his finger to massage his aching temples as he said,
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Yishinn Han
See truth always prevail. I hope everything will get back right soon. Enough for there struggles they both deserve to be happy too. Let Fengchen & Sese reunite with there kids.
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Mary T Mclaughlin
at long last now please conclude this story for everyones sake please.
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Tammy Evans Moore
FINALLY!! Some truth that can help Fengchen win Sese back!!!

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