Chapter 664 Do A Maternity Test

Jiang Sese was Xiaobao’s biological mother?

The three of them at the scene were similarly shocked, but fortunately Song Qingwan kept some of her wits about her.

Glancing at the pair of brothers, she could tell that they were dumbfounded. She would have to rely on herself.

She did her best to control the shaking in her voice to ask, “Doctor, are you sure?”

“The initial results say so. If you all aren’t sure, you can do a maternity test.”

The doctor gave them a suggestion. The few of them all looked very troubled.

‘It turns out that they didn’t know. Wasn’t that woman always by the boy’s side? Who would do that other than the mother?’

It was too extraordinary. Even the doctor, who had seen a lot, was surprised.

“Alright. Thank you, doctor.”

Song Qingwan gave her thanks and gave Jin Fengyao a push as the three of them left the doctor’s office.

Jin Fengchen walked out like a robot. He really did not know what he was doing.

In his mind, there was only one line: ‘They a
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