Chapter 665 Who Would Have Thought She Is The Biological Mother

Jin Fengyao felt that his brain was not working hard enough. How could it be so strange? Could he have neglected something. Everything seemed too unreal.

“I didn’t,” Jin Fengchen said bluntly, his expression unchanged.


Jin Fengyao hit his head, a little lost.

A while later, he jumped up again. “How can this be? I think that year, my Sister-in-law was a surrogate. Who contacted her? Could it be Mom and Dad?”

If it were their mom and dad, then it would not make sense.

This was because Master Jin and Madam Jin did not know Jiang Sese before. Furthermore, if she was a surrogate, they would have probably prevented them from being together.

On the contrary, the both of them not only did not oppose. They quite liked this sister-in-law.

Nobody else opposed it, which made everything weird.

Jin Fengchen seemed confused. It was unclear what he was thinking of.

These questions were temporarily without answers.

Jin Fengyao’s brows were tightly knit.

Song Qingwan saw
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