Chapter 668 Mommy Is Wrong

After seeing Jiang Sese, the repressive cold feeling around Jin Fengchen seemed to dissipate. His entire body warmed to the point that his thoughts were muddied.

“Finished eating?”

Jiang Sese nodded and replied, “Yeah, you should eat up. Don’t let it go cold.”

As he reached out to take the bowl from Jiang Sese, Jin Fengchen realized he had never had such a delicious lunch.

Meanwhile, Madam Fu had more or less recovered. The doctor ordered her to rest at home.

She could slowly undergo physiotherapy and, in a few days, they could under the formalities for her discharge.

On the day of the discharge, Jiang Sese purposefully put down everything she was handling and walked Madam Fu out of the hospital.

Madam Fu was more excited than expected. After lying in the hospital for so long, she had grown sick of it.

At the moment, she could smell the fresh air and that made her extremely happy.

She continually chatted with Jiang Sese throughout the journey, and Jiang Sese very poli
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