Chapter 67 They Were Made for Each Other

"No," Jin Fengchen responded coldly.

Hearing this, Su Qingyin said nothing further.

At the same time, in the corner of the party stood a man and a woman who were sizing up Su Qingyin and Jin Fengchen, were chatting.

The two were Jiang Nuannuan and Lan Sichen.

The Lan family and Jiang family were in a precarious situation. Therefore, Lan Sichen tried many methods and found some relationships to get an invitation to the party, so as to develop a friendly relationship with the Su family.

Even if they could not reach the Su family, a relationship or acquaintance with some people there would be of help. However, they had not expected to see Jin Fengchen there.

It seemed that his relationship with Su Qingyin was unusual...

Lan Sichen's eyes flashed a confusing expression. "Didn't Jin Fengchen care about the b*tch Jiang Sese?"

Jin Fengchen had even broken Lan Sichen's hand for her. But it did not seem to be the case looking at the present situation.

As Jiang Nuannuan looked at Su Qin
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