Chapter 671 Investigate Zi Feng

Jin Fengchen stared at Zi Feng as she left. He frowned slightly, and his fingers that were absent-mindedly tapping the table suddenly stopped.

Staring at the door, Jin Fengchen’s thin lips formed an almost straight line.

His eyes were full of suspicion.

Zi Feng had recently messed up most of the tasks assigned to her.

He could overlook it if it were minor mistakes.

However, letting Jiang Nuannuan slip away right under her nose was a major blunder.

Apart from making him cross, he had started to suspect Zi Feng.

It was the same thing three years ago when she lost Sese.

The more he thought about it, Jin Fengchen’s eyes were filled with fury.

Zi Feng’s work had never been like this. The work of his subordinates had all been impeccable, except for Zi Feng…

There was certainly someone behind it.

Jin Fengchen suddenly stood up. He scooped up his cell phone and walked over to the window blinds, a cold look in his eyes.

He dialed Gu Nian’s number.

“Come see me at once. You have
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Tammy Evans Moore
It’s about time!! Get rid of Zi Feng and Jiang Nuannuan!!

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