Chapter 672 It Would Be A Fate Far Worse Than Death!

Fu Jingyun shook his head and murmured, “It’s nothing, I thought I heard the sound of someone stepping on a tree branch. Must be my imagination, or a stray cat. Come on, let's head in.”

After the two entered, Jiang Nuannuan's face emerged from behind a large tree.

She stared gloomily at the gate of the Fu house, a sinister expression on her face.

The next morning, Jiang Sese got up very early. First, she went upstairs to check on Tiantian and found that she was still sleeping soundly.

She planted a kiss on the little girl’s forehead and left the room.

Later, Fu Jingyun was called away by the professor, and Jiang Sese went into the study to do some work.

She then did some housework and tidied up the place a little.

By the afternoon, she was done.

Awakened by the movement, the little girl ran out barefoot, holding onto her unicorn pillow.

Her eyes were still heavy, but when she saw Jiang Sese, her expression instantly filled with joy.


She sprinted toward Jiang Sese.

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Tameka D. Davis
So the baby died?

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