Chapter 676 She Must Be Dead, She Isn’t Breathing

When Jin Fengchen thought about that, how could he be calm? He wished he could be there himself to keep an eye on her 24/7.

However, if he did that, Jiang Sese would definitely become suspicious.

As the next best thing, he sent people to protect her.

As it turned out, he had incredible foresight.

Jiang Sese sat there, stunned. She did not snap out of it for quite a while.

This woman… Why did she want him dead?

She did not even know her. Furthermore, the woman had no money to eat, and she just wanted to help her.

Why did things turn out like this? Suspicion swelled in her heart.

Meeting Jiang Sese’s searching gaze, Jiang Nuannuan could only feel the blood flowing from her head to her feet. It was though she had been soaked in ice water; her whole body felt cold.

She completely did not expect that, under these circumstances, Jiang Sese was still alive.

Without any prior planning, Jiang Nuannuan was bewildered.

In her mind, she saw Jin Fengchen’s silhouette flash pas
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JulieAnn Kenny
How could she run when she had an already bad leg does this author remember this story line so many mistakes

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