Chapter 677 Really A Stranger

Meanwhile, the police had already brought people to the police station.

In an instant, the station was crowded.

It had turned extremely noisy.

Even though the lorry driver was not in the group involved, they were all extremely pale.

The traffic accident was so serious because it was a chain collision.

They were unsure how they might be punished.

They were all extremely nervous and trembling all over.

“Have some water and calm down.” A police officer walked over to comfort them.

One of the more timid drivers asked, “Comrade policeman, will… Will I go to jail?”

The police officer put on a friendly face to calm them down. “Don’t worry. We don’t know everything just yet. Just calm down. We’ll start taking notes first.”

Not long after, the police began to inquire about the details of the accident.

“Tell us what you remember, the more detailed the better.”

“I’m not very sure myself. At the time, I was just driving when I heard a piercing honk. The next thing that happe
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