Chapter 678 This Isn’t Over

However, Jin Fengchen did not say that he was the one who sent people to protect her.

Jiang Sese immediately could tell the meaning in Jin Fengchen’s words.

She frowned and asked, “You know that woman? Or in other words, did I know that woman in the past?”

Fu Jingyun’s face turned tense when he heard that.

“She had dealings with us in the past. She was always out to get you,” Jin Fengchen explained.

Jiang Sese was thinking of following up, but Jin Fengchen changed the topic.

“However, she’s dead. After pushing you, she got hit by a car herself. It’s nothing to do with you. If the police come, you don’t need to worry.”

When they both heard that, their expressions changed greatly. They were very shocked.

After that, Jin Fengchen summarized the report of his subordinates.

Jiang Sese was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

Complex thoughts and emotions welled up inside her. She did not know what emotion it was.

The room turned silent for a moment.

Jin Fengchen st
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The Dr. would remind her to get the bandages or dressings on her wounds changes daily or every other day. He would NOT remind her to change medications.

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