Chapter 681 Not Cute At All

Fu Jingyun did not speak. He looked at Jiang Sese silently from a few paces away, his eyes filled with weariness.

Jiang Sese did not feel comfortable under his gaze, and repeated herself.

“Previously, I agreed to the engagement, but I regret it now. That’s my fault. I…”

Jiang Sese smiled bitterly, “I owe the Fu family enough. Jingyun, I’m sorry. I can no longer continue to drag you along. Thank you for the help you’ve given me over these years. I’m afraid I have no way of repaying you. I will find time to explain things to Mom and Dad. We cannot lie to them anymore…”

Fu Jingyun pulled the corners of his mouth and tried to smile at Jiang Sese. However, he failed, despite multiple tries.

He took a deep breath before slowly exhaling.

His clear eyes suddenly welled with a heavy, uncontrollable sorrow. He frowned, unable to control the emotions leaking out.

He opened his mouth and said softly, “It’s okay. There will never be any need to apologize between you and I…”

Fu Jingy
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Nicole Wik
This page is very confusing why did you write Master Fu instead of Master Jin ????

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