Chapter 683 I’m Happy To

Zi Feng did not fuss. Instead, she smiled thinly.

“Since I’m here, I definitely have that ability.”

Fu Jingyun did not comment. He simply asked, “Then why should I trust you?”

Zi Feng’s eyes were wild as she said, “Because I like Jin Fengchen!”

Right now, Zi Feng’s feelings for Jin Fengchen could be described as unhinged. She hated any woman that was close to Jin Fengchen.

Any woman who could receive Jin Fengchen’s love could not be allowed to live on this earth!

Jin Fengchen could only belong to her!

Her extreme love made Zi Feng’s face twist into something terrifying and malicious.

Disgust crossed Fu Jingyun’s eyes, but he did not express it. He spoke with a blank face, “What is that worth?”

On the verge of going mad, Zi Feng cackled as she spoke, “I want Jin Fengchen, you want Jiang Sese. Our interests align and do not conflict. It would be a shame to not cooperate.”

It could not be denied that Zi Feng made sense. However, Fu Jingyun’s heart was not moved.

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