Chapter 684 Cancel The Wedding

Seeing that he stopped, He Shuhan patted Bai Li on the shoulder.

“It’s not worth it.”

Bai Li smiled bitterly. “Is anything worth it?”

The large amount of alcohol caused his voice to become hoarse and unpleasant. He sounded like Quasimodo at this point.

He knew it the moment he met Zi Feng.

Seeing the emotion in Bai Li's eyes, He Shuhan did not know any other way to advise him.

He just cracked opened a bottle of wine and drank with him.

With regard to feelings, there was no right or wrong.

A few days later, at the Fu house, the wedding of Fu Jingyun and Jiang Sese was still on the agenda, and the whole Fu family was busy preparing for the wedding.

Madam Fu was in a much better mood. She smiled every time she saw anyone. She was even more joyful when she talked about the marriage between Jingyun and Sese.

However, Jiang Sese’s heart grew apprehensive and extremely anxious. She could not say anything, even when Madam Fu asked.

As a result, she lost a lot of weight in the past
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Rizza Toquillo
Mr. author can you please hurry up in the investigation of Zi Feng? I want to know about the reaction of Jin family if the know that Zi Feng is the culprit or the mastermind re: sese accident for 3 years. then, I can't wait on how Jin Fengchen punished Zi Feng to death
goodnovel comment avatar
Luisa Godbold
Sese needs to leave the Fu household.

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