Chapter 688 Xiaobao Has Disappeared

Jiang Sese sensed that something was amiss and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Jin Fengchen’s expression was extremely unpleasant. His voice suddenly turned hoarse. “Xiaobao has disappeared.”

Realizing that it concerned Xiaobao, Jiang Sese also became anxious and queried, “How could he have disappeared? Where did he go?”

Jin Fengchen shook his head. “The school called and said that Xiaobao showed up at school for a while, then left. They could not find him.”

“Maybe he went home.” Jiang Sese held on to this glimmer of hope.

Jin Fengchen remained silent, his expression solemn.

He then gave Madam Jin a call, but his expression turned even more unpleasant.

As he had expected, Xiaobao did not return home.

He had run away from home!

Nobody knew where he had gone.

Since that day, Jin Fengchen had known that Xiaobao had changed. However, he was just faking his usual routine.

Jin Fengchen was also depressed himself. He could not monitor Xiaobao.

Also, he thought that Xiaobao was just be
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