Chapter 69 The Fix Up

"The only move I've got is stepping on toes. Second Young Master Jin was nearly stepped to tears. Are you sure about this?"

Jiang Sese found this all very funny when she spoke of it. She suspected that Jin Fengyao only spun her away because he didn't want his toes stepped on again.

A smile touched the depths of Jin Fengchen's eyes. He said, "That's my brother. He is clumsy. I am a better teacher."

Jin Fengchen then put his arms around Jiang Sese's waist. With his deep and charismatic voice, he said, "Give me your hands."

Jiang Sese, with a slight blush, had one of her hands on his shoulder and the other one holding his.

"First left, and then right..."

They were so close that they nearly exchanged breath. Hearing this deep voice, Jiang Sese felt heat come over her ears and tingling numbness spreading throughout her whole body...

Su Qingyin had her eyes fixed on both of them from not very far away. She lowered her eyes to hide her emotions when she saw Jin Fengchen being so patien
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