Chapter 690 Let’s Meet

Fortunately, Jiang Sese was able to stop her tears in time and went over to comfort Tiantian.

Only then, was the Fu house able to return to peace.

The next day, Jin Fengchen drove his parents and Xiaobao to the airport.

He repeatedly exhorted many things to Xiaobao, telling him to behave himself, to listen to his grandparents, and that he would come back to visit him soon.

Xiaobao just continued to play with his phone with his head lowered, as if not hearing a thing.

Jin Fengchen frowned and was about to say something sternly, but swallowed his words when he saw Madam Jin’s expression in the rearview mirror.

He hoped that the child would return to his normal self.

As there were some issues that needed tending back at the domestic company, Jin Fengyao and Song Qingwan had taken a flight back the night before.

At the airport, Jin Fengchen went through the registration procedures for them.

Xiaobao was very well behaved, despite his grandmother holding his hand. He just spaced out
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
sometimes, i can think of nothing after a depressing i need to continue reading? as the author of this book, do you give time to read our comments? if yes, why you keep on writing chapters the like of these previous few chapters?these chapters are just distressing, upsetting and disgusting
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Linda Clarke
first and last time I use this platform far too expensive and the author doesn't seem to care about the paying readers just greedy for more money doesn't seem to care about the characters in their story , this story should have ended three hundred chapters ago
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Wik
Hey how much more chapter, you are a cruel writer. Why do u like to torture this couple in real life they both will be dead by now. You have no sympathy for them, u should stop writing if can end this madness soon. Is it because u need money or what??? Stop

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