Chapter 691 You Brought This On Yourself

Even the brightest stars had their dark days.

The air immediately turned very quiet. Jin Fengchen then continued, “I’m going back. Buy me tickets for the night after tomorrow.”

No matter how much she had prepared herself, hearing him say it still left her empty.

She was clearly suffering, but she could only pretend she did not care.

“Is that so? I’ll send you off to the airport then.”

“No need,” Jin Fengchen refused as he shook his head.

He then looked at Jiang Sese once more before he spoke quietly, “As for the divorce, I would like to do it after Xiaobao’s condition improves. I hope you can understand. You can hold the wedding first. It won’t affect things.”

“It’s fine.”

Jiang Sese smiled as she said this to Jin Fengchen.

However, only she knew how much her heart hurt at that moment.

She could only keep her heart locked up tight, and not show any emotion.

‘You brought this upon yourself. Don’t blame anyone else.’

After a while, Jin Fengchen spoke once more, “W
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