Chapter 692 Everything Was Destroyed Overnight

Seeing him leaving, Zi Feng once more grabbed hold of his sleeve and asked insistently, “Why did he want to leave?”

Her only meaning for existence these days was solely Jin Fengchen.

Seeing the love that was not for him in Zi Feng’s eyes, Bai Li’s heart was once again shredded.

The pain in his heart intensified, and he spoke with a cracking voice, “Do you want to know?”

“Yes! I do.” Zi Feng replied quickly.

“Ms. Jiang is going to marry Mr. Fu. Boss doesn’t want to make things difficult for her, so he went home.”

Speaking the reason simply, Bai Li then extracted his hand and moved to leave.

He could not bear to see Zi Feng sad.


Zi Feng was struck dazed by this revelation. She did not dare believe it.

The proud Jin Fengchen would go to such lengths for a woman.

Just how much was he humiliating himself.

The man she loved for so long had been cruelly crushed by this Jiang Sese woman!

She was unwilling to resign herself to this!

Zi Feng’s jealousy rea
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Rose SB
I’m sick of this author. I’m sick of Sese. I’m sick of zifeng! If I hadn’t spent so much money on this story I’d stop.

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