Chapter 70 Why Say No to the Marriage?

"I'm glad to hear that. Fengchen, please do keep an eye on her so I can be at peace when I hand the Su Group over to her in the future."

"Yes, Grandpa Su."

They continued to talk more about business. Then Old Su changed the subject suddenly. "The Jin Group has been thriving in the capable hands of you two. The only problem I see is that you two are still single."

Jiang Sese was standing next to them all this time. Her eyes glimmered when she heard what Old Su said, and she could tell that there were intentions directed at Jin Fengchen because he was the only one Old Su had in his eyes when he was saying that.

Jin Fengchen licked his lips. "The company needs more time to grow and it leaves with me little time for that."

"Yes! Grandpa, my brother is the busiest man on earth. He doesn't have time for that."

Jin Fengyao acted as the best wingman now because he could almost imagine what Old Su was about to ask.

Old Su shook his head at their words.

"That's just wrong. A man needs to
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