Chapter 702 Because Of His Mother

The middle-aged man knelt on the ground, his clothes drenched in blood, and he said, trembling, “It's the Kalan Group…”

Jin Fengchen frowned upon hearing this and stared coldly at the middle-aged man lying on the ground, begging for mercy.

Meanwhile, over in North City, Madam Jin came downstairs carrying a bowl and chopsticks. Master Jin immediately greeted her.

Seeing that the contents and chopsticks were as untouched as before, he worriedly asked, “Xiaobao still refusing to eat?”

“No matter how much I persuade, Xiaobao will not open the door.”

Madam Jin’s face wore a sad expression. She sighed, then handed the bowl to a servant.

She sat on the sofa and massaged her brows. She looked ten years older.

Since he heard the news, Xiaobao has been miserable.

He had lost his appetite and was in low spirits, but later he simply shut himself in his room, refusing to come out no matter who persuaded him.

Master Jin and Madam Jin had always loved Xiaobao so much. How could they bear to
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