Chapter 703 Assassination

When Jin Fengyao dialed Jin Fengchen’s phone, there was never an answer.

This caused the Jin family to worry again.

After leaving a few urgent messages for Jin Fengchen, Jin Fengyao paced about restlessly around the room.

Shen Mubai patted Jin Fengyao on the shoulder and said consolingly, “Xiaobao's condition this time is worse than the last because this time the incident happened right in front of him. Only by letting the person who’s causing the preoccupation in his heart come forward, his mother, can the matter be resolved.”

Jin Fengyao did not want this, but there was no way to turn the situation around right now.

Coincidentally, Jin Fengyao's cell phone rang. It was Gu Nian.

Jin Fengchen had rushed to England in the night upon receiving information on Zi Feng from the covert guards.

He handed his phone to Gu Nian for safekeeping and instructed him to stabilize the company’s essential affairs.

When Gu Nian saw Jin Fengyao's message, he immediately called back.

However, Jin
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Nerissa NiNi Optional
this book is going on too long now and the slow release of chapters is really deterring
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I'm loosing my patience with this book
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This is really frustrating and very expensive. Is the author really considering the readers? This non-एending story has killed my interest in this app!!

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