Chapter 709 Did You Miss Me?

“I don't want to go to school, “Xiaobao said in a hoarse voice.

The two adults were shocked to hear this.

Could this be what Xiaobao was struggling with over the past few days?

If so, this would be much easier to deal with.

Song Qingwan stepped forward and asked tentatively, “Why is that? Were you being bullied by your classmates?”

However, what Xiaobao said the next second struck both their heartstrings.

“They all have mommies. I don't. I'm different from everyone else.”

As Xiaobao said this, he held the ceramic doll tightly in his hands.

Tears streamed down the corners of Song Qingwan’s eyes when she heard his words. She totally understood Xiaobao’s feelings.

It was like what was directed at her before, being called fatherless feral child. She understood the harm that those words can cause.

Hugging Xiaobao tightly in her arms, Song Qingwan consoled, “Xiaobao is a good boy. You have a Mommy and Daddy. You also have your Uncle and Aunty, your grandparents. We all love you ver
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Shari Himmelberg
Up to almost 900 chapters, what a waste of time this book is. Ridiculous, wish I had never started reading this and wasting my time on it.

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