Chapter 712 They Are A Family

This was the scene that greeted Fu Jingyun when he walked into the ward: a beautiful and gentle woman with a smile on her face. Although he only saw her profile, Fu Jingyun could feel Jiang Sese's heartfelt happiness.

It was not a forced smile just to appease others, but true joy.

For some reason, his footsteps suddenly stopped, and he stared at Jiang Sese in a daze.

Was he staring at Jiang Sese because of how well she was getting along with Jin Fengchen?

Since Jiang Sese was injured, her smile seemed to have decreased.

Fu Jingyun could not even remember the last time Jiang Sese really smiled.

He had tried to make Jiang Sese happy, but all he got in return was her begrudging smile.

What he could not do with all his best efforts, Jin Fengchen easily accomplished.

At this moment, Fu Jingyun felt powerless and helpless.

Tiantian had not yet realized the abnormality in Fu Jingyun and was staring at him with her large eyes. Her voice was as sweet as candy.

“Daddy, why aren’t you
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Shari Himmelberg
been 2 years since i last read this and it is not done yet, rip-off!
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Will there ever be any break thru or am I wasting my time here

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