Chapter 713 Will She Like The New Me

“Thanks, Mom,” Fu Jingyun said gratefully.

“This boy. What are you thanking me for? Just follow your heart and you won’t go wrong. Okay, I won’t take up any more of your time. Rest early tonight.”

With that, Madam Fu patted his shoulder encouragingly before returning to her room.

After Madam Fu left, Fu Jingyun sat alone on the sofa for a while, scrolling through his chat records with Jiang Sese.

He had sent her a lot of long messages, asking about her. However, her replies were always terse.

He did not know when he would be reciprocated for his blind affectionate investments.

When Fu Jingyun thought about that, he could not help but feel a sense of bitterness. Flipping his phone down, his thoughts were occupied with her sweetly smiling face.

What did it matter if she did not like him? It was enough if he could bind her to his side.

Meanwhile, in North City, the gloom possessing the Jin residence all the while had been swept away, and it was filled with joy and laughter
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