Chapter 714 Come To Mommy

When he opened the door and saw Jiang Sese’s pale face, his eyes went red with grief.

He walked up to hold Jiang Sese’s hand. He spoke with a troubled voice, “Mommy, Xiaobao’s late. He’s not a good boy.”

As he spoke, his eyes grew redder. He looked like he could burst into tears at any second.

Jiang Sese took Xiaobao’s little hand into her palm and gently said, “Xiaobao, don’t say that. Now that you’re here, Mommy is very happy. How could I blame you?”

A tear still dropped from Xiaobao’s eye. His face was full of sorrow.

Meanwhile, Jin Fengchen had just taken Tiantian out of the hospital. Had he not, he would have bumped into Xiaobao.

Jin Fengchen held Tiantian’s hand as they walked toward the parking lot. He suddenly felt the child behind him stop moving.

He looked down to see Tiantian staring widely into the distance.

Looking over, Jin Fengchen’s eyebrows arched. ‘Is France still selling cotton candy?’

Picking Tiantian up, Jin Fengchen asked, “Tiantian, do you want
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