Chapter 716 Take Care Of Her

Only when Fu Jingyun left, Xiaobao relaxed.

He was truly afraid that this man would take his mother away again.

Sensing Xiaobao’s mood calm again, Jiang Sese very patiently took a long while to comfort him. This made Xiaobao lively again.

That day, Jiang Sese had laid in the sickbed for too long, and she went to the garden below to stroll around.

When she returned, she found a very fashionably dressed lady standing at the door.

She did not notice at first as she slowly walked to the room holding Xiaobao’s hand.

However, as the woman’s gaze fell on her, it burned, as though she wanted to drill a hole through her.

As they went in, the woman followed them in.

This woman was Adeline. However, she seemed to have put on too much makeup that day. She was also wearing a wig, so Jiang Sese could not tell who she was.

Seeing the satisfied look on Adeline’s face, Jiang Sese felt apprehensive and asked politely, “May I know who you are?”

Adeline laughed and looked Jiang Sese ov
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