Chapter 72 He Won't Let You Off

Jin Fengyao circled the venue and looked everywhere, but he still couldn't find Jiang Sese anywhere. He was beginning to worry. He had no choice but to ask Jin Fengchen.

"Brother, did you see Miss Jiang?"

Jin Fengchen had escaped the crowd by now. When he heard his brother's question, he frowned.

"No. What's wrong?"

Jin Fengchen had been discussing business with the other guests all along, so he hadn't paid much attention to Jiang Sese.

"Huh? You didn't see her either? She said she wanted to go home, so I told her to wait outside. But she's nowhere to be seen even after so long..."

His brother didn't see Jiang Sese either. Could something have happened?

Jin Fengchen's brows furrowed even more.

Hearing their conversation, Su Qingyin said, "Don't panic. Let's look around. Maybe she had something to do or is in the washroom?"


The three of them started searching for Jiang Sese separately, but there was still no sign of her, whether in the washroom, hotel compound, or even
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Me too. I hate stupid women more.
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Irenna Tham
I miss NingXi ?
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Irenna Tham
this is why I hate to read weak women novel ?

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