Chapter 720 Will You Sleep With Me

How could Jiang Sese not see that Fu Jingyun had picked such a lame excuse?

There seemed to be another layer between them now. The both of them could see and hear each other, but they were unable to close the distance and touch one another.

She replied, “Okay, I won’t send you off then.”

Fu Jingyun nodded, and turned to leave the hospital.

Seeing Fu Jingyun leave, Xiaobao cocked his head in thought, but he could not figure it out. He asked curiously, “Mommy, what were you and Uncle talking about just now?”

Jiang Sese heard this and she smiled. Her eyes curved slightly like moons in the night sky, gentle and kind.

Holding Xiaobao’s little hand, she said, “Nothing, Uncle was just here to say a few words to Mommy.”

Xiaobao nodded pensively, but looked at the direction of Fu Jingyun leaving once more.

For a few days since Fu Jingyun came, Jin Fengchen, who often came by to talk to Jiang Sese, did not appear.

Jiang Sese was unaccustomed to Jin Fengchen’s sudden disappeara
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