Chapter 721 Cook For Him

When Jiang Sese heard this, she nodded.

Jin Fengchen behaved and lay down, as Jiang Sese pulled a blanket over him.

When he was sound asleep, she gently walked toward the stairs.

When she reached the landing, she could hear a commotion downstairs. Jin Fengyao and his wife had brought Xiaobao and Tiantian over.

Hearing the noise, Jin Fengyao looked up the stairs. His hands froze in midair.

However Song Qingwan took advantage of the lull and the clear sound of a slap resounded across the living room.

Everyone was stunned. It was not a light slap.

Jin Fengyao gasped. He was preparing to say something when Song Qingwan unexpectedly berated him.

“You clearly knew I wanted to hit you, why didn’t you move? Are you stupid?”

Her tone of voice was full of anger, but also full of regret.

Jin Fengyao’s anger subsided almost completely at that. He squeezed his face, still burning with the marks Song Qingwan’s fingers left.

“This is nothing. It didn’t hurt anyway. Do you want t
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