Chapter 724 A Bad Omen

“Okay, then I’ll be waiting for you.” Jiang Sese ruffled his hair and smiled gently.

With that, Jiang Sese turned and left. She hailed a cab and left in a cloud of dust.

Jin Fengchen stood at the window of the landing in his black house clothes, his hands in his pockets. His deep eyes looked in the direction that Jiang Sese left.

The warm sun shone on him, dissipating the coldness he emanated.

Xiaobao looked at Jin Fengchen’s unmoving figure curiously, “Daddy? Mommy’s left.”

Jin Fengchen snapped out of it. He turned to look at Xiaobao, smiling warmly, “Yeah, I know.”

Meanwhile, Jiang Sese paid the fare and walked into the elevator of the hospital. She pulled her phone out in boredom and surfed the web.

With a ding, the elevator doors opened and Jiang Sese looked up and walked out.

Despite herself, her heart felt uneasy.

‘Fu Jingyun probably did not come last night…’

If not, he would have tried to contact her when he could not find her.

Scrolling through her phone’
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Lynace Cano
another suspicious character will bring another trouble to jiang sese life? so sad her life is full of hardship since from the beggining of the story. hope the story will change into love story full of happines not lots of accidents and enemies

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