Chapter 725 We Need To Talk

Due to the previous night’s events, he could not help but feel conflicted, but he did not mention it.

Jiang Sese smiled and got up slowly. “Have you been here long?”

She did not look at the time; She did not know what time it was.

If they had been waiting here all this time, she definitely would feel bad.

Fu Jingyun shook his head. “Just a while. We wanted to let you sleep for a while more, but Tiantian accidentally knocked over the glass…”

Tiantian lowered her head in anticipation of being scolded when she was named, guilty.

Jiang Sese just smiled and gently patted her head.

“She’s just a child. Who hasn’t made mistakes before?”

Fu Jingyun did not respond. He just picked up the broken glass from the floor.

After he did that, he sat silently at the corner, watching Jiang Sese and Tiantian.

Tiantian played with Jiang Sese’s slender fingers and said innocently, “Mommy, when are we going to Daddy’s house. I miss Big Brother.”

When she heard that, Jiang Sese pursed he
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Jessica Gainey
It’s a shame cause this was a great story. I enjoyed it, but now it’s just redundant and I can’t take it anymore
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Jessica Gainey
Yea I’m done with this, 100s of chapters later and they still aren’t back together. And aren’t even close to it. This is completely ridiculous and you are just money hungry making us spend 100s of dollars to read one dang novel. I’m deleting this app for sure. RIGHT NOW.
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Angela Stevens
stop stealing money from the want to keep your readers look after them by finishing the story they will come back and read more of you books.

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