Chapter 727 Slip Into The Abyss

The passersby all looked at them, murmuring and pointing from time to time.

Fu Jingyun ignored their stares, grabbing Catalina’s collar a little bit tighter.

Catalina did not show any fear at all. She looked calmly at Fu Jingyun, who had gotten violent.

The more emotional he got, the more advantageous it was for her. Love truly could be a double-edged sword.

“Fu Jingyun, do you think you can find an antidote just because you’re a doctor? I think your medical knowledge has yet to peak. You don’t even have a sample. How are you going to create an antidote? Furthermore, I mixed it in with the anti-inflammatory. That substance is colorless and tasteless. Since you wouldn’t be able to find anything, even if you brought her for a test, you don’t even know its composition. Therefore… you can only cooperate with me. That is the only way to guarantee Jiang Sese’s safety.”

Fu Jingyun shoved Catalina away. The woman stumbled a few steps, hiding the contempt in her eyes.

When she looke
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