Chapter 728 I Can Only Do My Best

When he arrived at the hospital, he did not go to the ward. Instead, he went straight to the office of the resident physician.

He got straight to the point as he stepped into the office. “Doctor, Sese has been in the hospital for quite some time now. I’d like to draw her blood for a test to gain a better picture of her condition. I’m a doctor as well, so we can discuss anything together. Would now be a good time?”

The resident physician nodded. She was aware of Fu Jingyun’s reputation in the medical world.

She went out and got everything she needed to draw blood before she led Fu Jingyun to Jiang Sese’s ward.

At that moment, Jiang Sese was lying in bed, looking out the window at the large tree, her expression tranquil.

Tiantian was no longer in the ward. ‘Jin Fengchen must have picked her up.’ Fu Jingyun thought to himself.

After that, he sat at a chair by the bed and nodded at the doctor, signalling for her to begin.

“Ms. Jiang, we want to take your blood for a test.” As
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